Why I Hustle…

I’ve been stressing over my outfit for a week now, ever since that phone call came that I got the interview. A new start–an opportunity for movement, more stability, more money for our family. And, for the first time in my life, I’m nervous for an interview.

You know, before I met your dad and you three were born, I was pretty fearless. Some might say I was just overly confident. But, I never really stressed over my career or my finances. God always seemed to cover what I couldn’t. It’s only now that my heart races when I think of our bank accounts and daycare costs. It’s only because of our family that I push and hustle to make every dollar I can.

I know your dad agrees. (He works even more than I do!) But, the purpose is the same: it’s all for you.

…to provide for you.

…to inspire you to strive for great things.

…to move us forward–to move myself forward, so that I’m a full, in-color version of myself instead of an empty shell.

…to make this world a better place for you.

…to live the cycle of struggle, success, and failure so that I can help you through those too.

That’s what finally centered me this morning, as I pulled out of the parking lot to head to my interview. I saw three precious car seats, reminding me of the incredible blessing you are. Why wouldn’t I bust my tail to do something for you? I’d do anything for you. This one is easy.

So…my smile is on. My mind is centered. My nerves are calmed. And, I’m off—siempre adelante—just for you!





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